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We are excited to announce that Wav3s is the recipient of our second grant. Congratulations to the team!

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Advertising is a major driving force behind traditional social media. These platforms are typically optimized for ads through their ad-centric algorithms, which often prioritizes advertising at the expense of user experience.

Web3 social represents a new era in social media where users have more control over their data and more options to choose from when it comes to different applications and algorithms on the protocol, while still being able to maintain their profiles, follower lists, etc. As a result, more advanced social media marketing tools have started to emerge on top of these web3 protocols.

This is where Wav3s comes in.

What is Wav3s?

Wav3s is a marketing tool that allows creators to reward users who "mirror" (e.g. retweet) their post on Lens. From the Wav3s application, users can convert a post on Lens to a "Super Reach" publication or directly create a new one, which is similar to running a campaign on traditional social media platforms.

The Wav3s Web Application UI
The Wav3s Web Application UI

As shown in the screenshot above, Daniel's Lenster posts can be converted into a "Super Reach" publication by clicking the "Convert Publication" button. Next, he will need to specify the reward per mirror and the desired number of mirrors.

He can also limit the Super Reach action to users with a minimum number of followers.

Setting Up a Super Reach Publication
Setting Up a Super Reach Publication

The Journey Ahead

The Wav3s frontend already includes a basic campaign manager and tracker. It is currently just built on Lens, but it can be used across all of its apps such as Lenster, Orb, and more.

The product is currently bootstrapped and has generated 34 sponsored publications with a total expenditure of $550 WMATIC in the first two weeks of its launch, indicating early signs of a successful product-market match.

Super Reach Publication Progress Tracker
Super Reach Publication Progress Tracker

The Symmetrical believes that the first wave of users on web3 social will be attracted to the new and innovative methods of monetization. And Wav3s is positioning itself at the forefront of this trend by implementing a system of micro-transactions as an incentive for members of any social platform, to promote each other's content.

Wav3s will continue to grow stronger with additional features that expand the scope and types of rewards, as well as providing users with more options for filtering the content that is rewarded. There are many possibilities for the growth and development of Wav3s and we are thrilled to be a part of its journey.


Wav3s is looking to fundraise in Q1 2023. If you or anyone you know is interested in funding promising web3 projects, we urge you to reach out to them at any of the links below.

Wav3s on Lenster | Orb | Twitter | LinkedIn

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